Hydraulic Assembly

Central Mass Truck & Equipment Repair is the hydraulic hose repair facility. You’ll have your hydraulic hose assembled in just minutes by our expert staff, who have more than 20 years experience in the industry combined. We set the standard in hydraulic hose fabrication. At Central Mass Truck & Equipment Repair, the standard 2000lb-wire hydraulic hose is our specialty, but we stock the 4000lb-wire, 5000lb-wire and 6000lb-wire as well.

We have a variety of suction and return lines hoses from ¾ up to 6 inch for all fluid applications.

We carry hoses from the renowned Gates brand. We also stock a full line of hose, suction and return lines hoses from ¾ up to 6 inch for all fluid applications, adapters, fittings, and all neccasary fluids to get you up and running. If you need assistance choosing any of these products, our talented team of experts is here for you.

If it moves, it probably moves with Gates. Gates researches, designs, and tests our mobile hydraulics solutions at the cutting edge of material science to deliver uncompromising solutions for all types of mobile equipment. From transportation to turf care, and from mining to material handling, Gates hydraulic hose and couplings save costs and downtime to power your heavy duty mobile machinery and industrial-grade vehicles.

  • Our line of Gates hoses reduce your costs by avoiding premature failure.
  • XtraTuff™ and MegaTuff™ cover options give you extra protection from abrasion and exposure to the elements.
  • TuffCoat™ coupling plating beats the industry standard by nearly 600% to prevent rust on your equipment.
  • MegaSys ® and PRO Series CR1 and CR2 Hydraulic hose assemblies provide reliable power across a broad set of construction application requirements.


We specialize in the following services

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Hose fabrication and repair
  • Hose accessories
  • Quick disconnect couplings
  • Brake line hoses